19 de maio de 2010

Heaven Shall Burn

Death Metal / Hardcore
Split With Fall of Serenity [1999]
Asunder [2000]
The Split Program I - Caliban vs. HSB [2000]
In Battle [2002]
Whatever It May Take [2002]
Antigone [2004]
The Split Program II - Caliban vs. HSB [2005]
Split with Napalm Death and The Haunted [2005]
Deaf To Our Prayers [2006]
Whatever It May Take Re-release [2007]
Iconoclast [2008] Part 1 | Part 2
Decade Of Expression (Live) [2009]
Invictus [2010]



3 comentários:

Opaque_Noise disse...

Was a great upload. Downloaded [Deaf To Our Prayer] & [Antigone], great quality mp3. Thanks!!!!!

Opaque_Noise disse...

In the [Antigone], cant extract the music [Numbing Th Pain], it's corrupted. I just wold like to know how do it, how a RAR archive turns corrupted in one simple archive, it's motherfucked!!!!!

Iriiz Campoz (! disse...

is a great band (:

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