5 de maio de 2009

V.A. - Punk Goes Pop - Vol. 1 e Vol. 2

Punk / Hardcore / Rock
V.A. - Punk Goes Pop - Volume 1 [2002]

Musicas / Trackslist:
1. I Want It That Way - Dynamite Boy
2. Candy - Slick Shoes
3. Everywhere - Yellowcard
4. Get This Party Started - Stretch Arm Strong
5. Like a Prayer - Rufio
6. Bye, Bye, Bye - Further Seems Forever
7. Crush - Noise Ratchet
8. I'm Like a Bird - Element 101
9. Survivor - Knockout
10. I'm Real - The Starting Line
11. Way You Love Me, The - Keepsake
12. Sometimes - Reach The Sky
13. All or Nothing - Fake ID
14. Borderline - Showoff
15. Send Me an Angel - Thrice
16. Baby One More Time - Nicotine
17. Heaven Is a Place on Earth - Student Rick

Post-Hardcore / Screamo / Rock
V.A. - Punk Goes Pop - Volume 2 [2009]

Musicas / Trackslist:
1. Alesana - What Goes Around...(Justin Timberlake Cover)
2. Silverstein - Apologize (OneRepublic Cover)
3. August Burns Red - Baby One More Time...(Britney Spears Cover)
4. Mayday Parade - When I Grow Up (Pussycat Dolls Cover)
5. A Day to Remember - Over My Head (Cable Car) (the Fray Cover)
6. Escape the Fate - Smooth (Rob Thomas ft. Santana Cover)
7. There For Tomorrow - Ice Box (Omarion Cover)
8. Chiodos - Flagpole Sitta (Harvey Danger Cover)
9. Bayside - Beautiful Girls (Sean Kingston Cover)
10. Breathe Carolina - See You Again (Miley Cyrus Cover)
11. The Cab - Distubia (Rihanna Cover)
12. A Static Lullaby - Toxic (Britney Spears Cover)
13. Four Year Strong - Love Song (Sara Bareilles Cover)
14. Attack Attack! - I Kissed a Girl (Katy Perry Cover)

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