4 de janeiro de 2010

V.A. - Brasil Deathcore

Foto: Blood Write Existence

Death Metal / Hardcore

V.A. - Brasil Deathcore [2009]


01.JesseJamesMassacre - Intro
02.Claustrum Burial - Miséria
03.Buried Yesterday - There is Nothing to Surrender
04.Bravera - Capítulo 2 : Blasfemo ou Pertinaz
05.The Hopes Were High - When The Clocks Freeze Like A Polar Bear
06.I'm a Autopsy Lie (OLD I'm Lies Of One Autopsy) - This Scarification Is Open
07.Shark At Abyss - Nothing is Like Before
08.Ofel - Quando não se tem nada não há nada a perder
09.Honoris Causa - Withness The Birth of Fear
10.Suicide Sick - With a New Star
11.Gaia - Julgamento
12.SheSoldHerSoul - Fuligem
13.Feel Burning Inside - Illusion
14.Bleeding For My Enemies - Alive to See the Sun Rising
15.Lost Insight - We Don't Like This
16.Blood Writes Existence - Souls Break Their Enemies Under a Knife

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